There have always been people that wanted something different and a little better or nicer than just ordinary. In their strive for perfection they want to see unity of the form, function, design and craftmenship in such a trivial piece on the bike frame like the rear brake cable guide! Well, why not? Just because the bike can perform well, doesn't mean it can't look beautiful too!
We offer this feauture on any of our aluminum frames (both Tri or road geometry) for an extra charge of $175.
Spec 1A look from the front to the rear exit of the cable guide. Oriented down and to the side, in order to hold the cable tight to the frame and away from your inner thighs.
Spec 2Same spot, different angle on this beautiful Mariola painted in custom MidnightBlue (extra charge $100).
Spec 3Front entrance of the cable. The tiny inner aluminum guide is secured by a plastic piece glued to the top tube by aerospace epoxy glue.
Spec 4All you have to do is to slide the cable through the inner tube. No "fishing" or hours of guessing where the cable is. Tight and water proof.