So here they are, comments from the people who were in position like you, thinking:
"Should I go and spend all that money on the product I can't test ride and is made by the company that doesn't advertise? On the other hand, their product is the best quality, and their prices are damn good - Hm?!?"
E-Maills are as we received them, unedited. All the customers agreed to have their address published, so that our prospective customers, can contact them.
Thank you all for the support.
  Scroll down to the bottom of this page if you want to place your comments  
    Septembar 28, 2005

No UPS delivery drivers were harmed in the delivery or assembly of this bicycle!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I cannot believe what a difference it makes to have a bike that fits "pretty good" and a bike that FITS!!!!
The only thing that I don't like about this bike is the water bottle cage that I installed myself!
I got home and assembled it very easily with the measurements that you provided, took a very quick spin up the road a couple of miles and realized that I forgot to mention that I am not very flexible.
Had to go get the kids from daycare and go to a party. Saturday I flipped the stem over, (IAW Easton's instructions and torque specifications), and installed my computer, had to take a kid to the doctor, she had strep.
Finally got home and got to go for a quick 6 miles. Oh My God!!!!
I don't know if I could ever do justice describing the feeling, the responsiveness or the handling!!!!
I read stuff all of the time about Tri Bikes being squirrelly, not mine!
Solid as a rock. I hit 37.5 mph on a down hill in the aerobars and did not have the slightest shimmy or quiver!
I got up Sunday morning and went for a easy 20 mile ride, spent the rest of the day grinning from ear to ear!
This bike handles like a dream, I just need to make the motor worthy! Unfortunately hurricane Katrina is moving through the area so I won't be riding for the next couple of days but we should be clear on Wednesday!
Thanks Again Ves!


    July 8, 2005

Thanks for putting together a great bike. The Ocotillo is fast, comfortabl, light and fun to ride.
Climbs great, very stable on the downhills.
Jim Parell

    May 27, 2005

The bike is great! Comfortable, faster and faster with my Heart rate being lower!
I moved the seat around, as suggested, and I finally can be in the aero position for an extended period without my neck hurting.
The bike is worth every penny!
Jim Parell

    March 25, 2005

Hi Ves,
I just thought I'd let you know that the bike performed almost flawlessly at the race this Saturday.
The conditions were a challenge, to say the least. There was quite a bit of wind on the course, some sections of the road definitely needed to be repaved and it poured at several points while riding.
The bike was incredibly comfortable and I felt great at the beginning of the run.
My only problems occurred when I dropped the chain shifting from the big chainring to the little chainring for two of the climbs. I was able to quickly reset the chain and had no further problems.
I spoke to Rick Ashburn after the race and he too had high praises for his Yaqui.
Thanks for a great job!


  October 12, 2004

....You can certainly use my email.

I love this bike so much. I raced an olympic distance tri on it after I emailed you last time (Mighty Hamptons Triathlon, won last year by Nicole DeBoom).
I was the 6th woman overall (5th off the bike!) I passed one woman at the beginning of the bike and never saw another woman for the rest of the bike leg (got passed by one on the run) (usually I get passed by half of the women's field half way through the bike leg).
I have been training hard all year and have been steadily doing better and better but have not been able to break the top 10 until now!

I have already put lots of miles on the carbo as I have ironman florida coming up 11/6. THe bike was my weakest part before, now I think it may be my strongest! Who knew!

I may be interested in purchasing a road bike from you later this winter, also.... Thanks for your quality work! People have come up to me and asked me about the bike, and I have nothing but good things to say, so maybe soon you will get some more orders from NY!
Sincerely, Nicole

  September 21, 2004

Hi Ves,
I bought a bike from you in the spring and would be more than happy to have you post the following feedback. I refer anyone who asks at slowtwitch to check your bikes if they are an odd size or just want a smooth riding steep tri bike.
I received the frame/fork at the end of April three days after running the Boston Marathon.
I put it together very easily and took it out for a ride the next day. From the moment I started riding it was already comfortable. I managed to duplicate my prior position and three days later raced a duathlon. I was completely comfortable and took 2nd place overall with about the fastest bike split I have ridden. It wasn't all the bike, but the handling sure helped me bomb through the downhills in the aerobars and carry my momentum through the corners.
A week later I rode it in a half Ironman and posted my best bike split ever.
After four and a half months and a few thousand miles in the searing California high desert, I can say that I couldn't have asked for a better bike. It climbs well, even at 85 degrees and descends even better.
I have no problems spinning this bike out at 60 KPH on the aerobars without fear. I would not have done that before on my previous steep tri bikes.
I suspect that I may never need to buy another triathlon bike again.
Unless it's another Yaqui.

Chad Walton

    September 14, 2004

Greetings from sunny Upstate New York (yeah, right).
Thought I would drop you a note to let you know how Team Yaqui is performing.
John Van Slyke (Carbo) just went 9:57 at IM Wisconsin for a 27th place overall. He went 5:24 on the bike. He is putting up some incredible numbers this season.
Rick Cote (Ocotillo) also had a good Wisconsin, posting his second straight sub-11 hour IM result.
Sue Michaels nailed Lake Placid in her first IM race and finished 2nd in her age group - she's going to Kona.
I managed a 10:56 at Lake Placid on my Oco. I was thrilled. The bike is just very fast and very, very comfortable.
So we're trying to get the word out on Yaquis.
Seems there are more and more of them at every race we attend. Also, Rick told me how you sent him a longer Easton seatpost for his Oco and he thinks you are a hero. Great work - as always.
I passed a guy on an Oco in Wisconsin and I yelled "Hey, Yaqui! Did you have The Talk with Ves, too?" He laughed and gave me a big thumbs-up.
We love our Yaquis.

John Parker

  September 13, 2004

I got the bike put together and rode it on saturday morning, it was UNBELIEVABLE! AMAZING! it is so much more aero and lighter than my road bike (and it actually fits me, and is really comfortable).
I did a 10.5 mile time trial I have been doing every 4 weeks, almost 4 minutes faster than my fastest time! I left my usual riding buddies in the dust. I also felt really good running off of the bike afterward. I am racing an olympic distance tri this sunday, so we will see...Tomorrow night I will ride it at my regular interval bike workout so i'll see if i can hang on to the lead pack longer than usual (usually get dropped after about 3 laps of the course)

Everything came out of the boxes fine, the back brake was a little loose and the front a little tight and rubbing on the wheel but I adjusted them and now they seem right. i rode on the trainer to set up the aerobars and seat height, and am still tweaking a little but like i said, i was very comfortable on my ride on saturday.

Thanks for making the best bike i have ever seen, i love it already. i can' t wait to race on sunday, i plan on chasing down some of the girls who have been beating me on the bike all season!

  August 8, 2004

I set the bike up on Friday and had the chance to ride it shortly, it felt great
. Then I had an olympic distance triathlon on Sunday and the bike part of it felt great (23mph average on a slightly hilly course with a few tight turns). I did not get passed by a single person on the bike, in fact I was passing tons of people on the uphills and in the turns. Was able to stay in the aerobars comfortably.
Coming off the bike my legs felt fine and I ran a fast 10k to finish off. Unfortunately my swim time is just horrible, had it not been for that I would've placed on the podium in my age group. So that will definitely require some more attention.
Talk to you later,


  June 7, 2004
Hi Ves,
Although I've been riding my new Mariola in time trials and short interval workouts since I took delivery in March, I thought I'd hold off on writing to you until after its first multi-sport race.
I realize you are a busy guy and I don't want to monopolize your attention.
I had no trouble assembling the bike and sorting it out. I ended up following your recommendation for saddle height, by the way - how did you know??? I appreciate your getting the bike assembled to the point where I didn't need special tools to complete the job.
And the setup was almost perfect, right out of the box. From the first ride, I realized that this bike would take my game to the next level.
Based on my results so far, I'd say that the bike gives me another 2-3 miles per hour over the Trek 1500. And, thanks to the improved aero position, I have an easier time running off the bike than before.
Not only that, I can ride for miles and miles in the aero position without feeling the need to sit up. Many bike mechanics have commented on how light my Trek is, but the Mariola is quite a bit lighter and very responsive. And the bike is definitely a head-turner. I've gotten a lot of compliments on its basic good looks, its beautiful paint, etc. It is certainly a pleasure to ride such an elegant, well-built bike!
So what happened at its first multi-sport race?
Well, this was the Apple Duathlon in Sartell, Minnesota; a nice little town on the Mississippi River, just north of St. Cloud. It's rated as one of the best races of its kind in the U.S., and so it attracts good athletes from all over the Midwest. Canada, even! Since I'm a big guy, I tend to have problems with head winds. Not with the Mariola - I had no trouble averaging 20+ mph while riding several miles into a 15+ mph head wind. In more neutral conditions, cruising at 24-25 mph was, well, a breeze. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) I was 3rd fastest on the bike in my age group, but the guys who were faster were guys who race at national and world championship levels.
So I have to applaud you for several reasons - one, for your skill in building a bike that performs as good as it looks, which is to say beautifully; two, for your insight in getting the frame geometry and the components matched perfectly to my proportions; three, for providing me with an instrument (I would never describe a bike as a "weapon") that enables me to express my athletic ability to the fullest.
Working with you has been a pleasure, and the bike exceeded my expectations.
Another satisified Yaqui rider,


  June 2, 2004

Sorry it's taken so long to get this feedback to you. Life is busy!
So, it has been almost 2 months since I received the CARBO. I thought I would share my experiences to date with you and those interested.
The bike is beautiful. I went all out, full DA-10speed, custom paint, custom geometry. What I ended up with is a bike that is designed perfectly for me. It has really given me an appreciation for the dollars spent, and you simply can't compare a commercial bike to it. The custom geometry and sizing makes it "my bike". It is light, responsive, and very fast. The center of gravity is low and it is very stable at high speed.
The quality of the bike is apparent in the welds, paint finish, componets, everything. Your attention to detail during the fitting process is appreciated. Thanks for guiding me through the process. For those interested in a bike, what can I say? I have no experience in having custom bikes made for me. Ves guided me through the process and I ended up with a fantastic bike.
I would not even consider going commercial w/ other brands if in the market. The difference in a custom sized bike versus a stock size is noticable in the transfer of power and comfort.
The price is right, the service is great, and the bike is absolutely perfect. I receive compliments on it daily.
Thanks Again Ves.

Tom Russell

  April 20, 2004

Dear Ves:
As you know, my brother and I purchased our Yaqui bikes in January 2003 (a Mariola and a Carbo, respectively).
We regret that we have not written sooner about the bikes' performance, but the truth is we didn't ride them too much in '03--we were busy turning around a small business our family purchased.
Our riding was minimal and mostly indoors. It's a new year and the business is finally on track so we're beginning to get some "real miles" on our legs.
We recognized from the very beginning these were easily the best fitting, most aesthetically and functionally appealing, and most superbly built triathlon bikes we've EVER owned. That's saying a lot considering how many machines we've been on over the years (probably 10 each).
The way these bikes ride and fit can only be described as "dreamy" or "miraculous" or "inspiring." We've had a vision of perfect fitting tri bikes for at least a decade and always seemed to fall just short. But you did it--hit the mark right on the bull's-eye!
These machines ride as comfortable as any road bikes we've been on and feel perfect down in the aero position. We never thought we could ride so comfortably on aerobars on our very first outing. We're simply amazed.
We both ditched our road bikes (QR Monitors, which ironically we think you built for Dan Empfield) and ride our new Yaquis exclusively.
FYI, we switched to from Syntace C-2s to VisionTech clip-on aero-bars. Maybe it's psychological, but they feel better and seem easier to move on and off for STI shifting, etc.
Thanks again for these superb products.
We can't imagine ever riding another machine.
Best wishes,

Larry and Lou Otremba
Baltimore, MD

    April 16, 2004

Hi Ves,
meanwhile I was out for two spins with my new Tri-Bike.
As you know this is the first real Tri-Bike for me and so at the beginning I was very exited about my first impressions:
The position you calculated for me seems to be perfect, my body (esp. my back hasn't complained. A look to the mirror while sitting on the bike shows me very flat/aerodynamic. Even if I'm absolutely not used to it I could immediately find a comfortable psoition in the aero bars. I can climb out of the saddle without dashing my knees and in the base bars I can also find a relaxed position (if required)
The comfort is excellent (it's alloy?!).
I tried 500m of Pavée on a Tria race course near by my home and has never passed it so fast with so less effort. Even with high speed I felt very safe in the aero bars!
Unexpected for me (maybe not totally because your friend Dan mentioned it during test report) I can climb very well! I've got the impression that there is no power lost I put in the pedals.
Last but not least, now it's on me to proof my good first impressions and my investment by achieving good bike splits in the coming tri season. Let's see, in any case I will keep you informed.
Furthermore I'd very much appreciate to stay in contact generally. Best Regards Gerald, the happy customer

Gerald Müller - Germany

    March 9, 2004

It's been a long off season, but last weekend I started my spring racing season.
I competed in the UC Santa Barbra sprint triathlon. The distances were 800 meters ocean swim, 18 miles, 3.5 miles. Though I can't say I had a great race, I can say that nothing went tragically wrong. After nearly missing the swim start, and making 2 wrong turns on the bike course, I managed a 4th place finish. The count down was, 4th overall, 3rd collegian, 2nd in my age group, and first on my team. My finish time was 1:20:44, and to my suprise, my bike leg was probably the strongest of all three.
The Yaqui was a rocket out there. Not only did I have a great bike split, but I also felt great on the run, no back or leg pains (besides those caused by exhaustion)!

I also wanted to give you my racing schedule for this spring:
March 13th: Cal Poly March Warm-up sprint 7th Overall
April 3rd: Rocky Point Olympic dist. 1st 15-19
April 24th: Collegiate Nationals Oly. 45th Overall
May 2nd: Wildflower Olympic dist. 27th Overall

I hope everything is well with you and your family, and i want to thank you once more for making such a sweet bike!

Anthony Yount

February 23, 2004

Hi Ves and Vivien:
I got the bike Friday evening and assembled it Saturday.
The bike is absolutely beautiful--the construction is flawless and the paint job turned out perfectly.
As you know, I was nervous about the paint job, but the colors and pattern are could not be any better. Most importantly, I rode the bike 50 miles on Sunday and I can truly say there was no adjustment period necessary. The bike fit perfectly and was incredibly comfortable throughout the entire ride. It was fast, quick and accelerated better than any other bike I have had--hopefully this will be reflected in my race results this year.
A couple of things I was wondering--the Syntace C2 aerobars you sent were in silver; would it be possible to exchange these for the black (same size-medium)? Also, the stem is 125 mm, not 120 mm. I have my seat pushed all the way forward and it measures about 51.5 cm from tip of saddle to middle of armrest (you had recommended about 50.4 cm).

As I mentioned, I am extremely comfortable so I don't know if I should go to the 120 mm stem or not. I can also forsee removing one of the spacers in the future because I am so comfortable--don't know whether this would make any difference in terms of which stem length I use.

Again, thanks for everything. I couldn't be happier with the bike.
I'll send you an update as I get more time in the saddle and start racing.


  November 17, 2003

Hi Ves.
I finally rode my new Ocotilla today.
It was so smooth although I need to get use to the gears on the aerobars, the brakes higher on the handles bars and speedplay pedals.
I really like the shade of blue paint job and thanks for the second coat. I like blue, but as a North Carolina State alumni, I had to avoid the Carolina sky blue color and the Duke blue devil color.
I had to adjust the seat angle and height slightly from the "ideal" mostly because I don't feel I have 100% strength back in my recovering leg so slightly less extension is needed until the strength is back.
I've been riding my touring Cannondale 500 for the last month so the switch to this speed demon bike was drastic.
This bike requires me to keep moving fast because it just smoothy keeps me in the best position for minimal draft and ease in pedalling. The weight between the arms and seat is 100% better. I don't feel like I have to force weight on my arms to steer like I do with my Cannondale and the angle of my body bend feels much more natural.
I'm surprised you don't do more custom bikes for women since women are so likely to not fit well on a regular (men's) frame. I'll do my best to let others (men and women) know about your bikes by riding well on mine.
Thanks again for all your help,


  October 21, 2003

I received the new seatpost yesterday and it fits. I am sending the other one back today.
I took the bike out for it's first ride on Saturday.
The fit is great. I am quite stable in the aero position, it handles very well on descents, and I feel like I have more control over the bike - all big improvements from my last bike.
After 56 miles in the saddle, I felt so good I probably could have gone another 56.
I am not sure if it is the tubing, the fork, the build or the fit, but this bike is more comfortable than I imagined it would be. It is easily just as smooth as the carbon bikes I tested, and goes over the rough roads around here like it was rolling on glass.
Thanks a lot, and I will point my friends in your direction when they are in the market for a new ride.


  October 21, 3003

Hi Ves -
The bike was waiting for me when I got home from work on Thursday ( ahead of schedule! ).
It looks great, and rides even better. Thanks to unusually warm weather here in Minnesota I was able to get two rides in on the weekend. The bike fits great, is comfortable, and is very stable.
Exactly what I was looking for!
This is the first tri-bike I have ridden that I don't feel like I am hanging over the front wheel, and is so stable I can easily move around, look over my shoulder and still hold my line. I noticed you installed a 10.5cm stem instead of the 12cm. I think that was an excellent choice.
The fit feels right on. I did have one little problem. Unpacking the bike, I noticed two small paint chips on the top tube. ( the box did have a 'crushed' spot on the top ). Do you have, or can you tell me where I can get some touch-up paint? Did I mention that the Euro red is a fantastic color?!
Thanks for everything!


  October 15, 2003

I just called and think I spoke to your wife. So, you will get two messages about my saddle.
The new seat post is perfect and I have been experimenting with different seat angles. I also tried a San Marco Azoto Triathlon Gel and love it. I have been getting a little numb in the crotch area and the extra padding in the Triathlon Gel saddle really helps. So, my question is, do you have that saddle and can you send me one. Not sure if we swap out the new one for mine or if there is a price difference or how you want to do it. By the way, the bike is unbelieveable.
My local bike shop guys are reluctant to admit it but they think is a "nice piece of equipment". As far as fit, it couldn't be a better fit. The owner of the shop was very impressed. I went out for 2 1/2 hrs last weekend and felt great all the way.
Clearly, I love the bike.
This is a new email address for me also, for your information. As always, I appreciate all your advice and help.

John Seiffer

  September 9, 2003

Hi Ves and Vivien,
first off, thanks a lot for the stem, I received and mounted it yesterday. I won't be able to ride the bike until later this week, but will know which one to keep by sometime next week, I'll then mail the other one back.
Also thanks for the 2 T-Shirts but I must've screwed up when talking to you on the phone .... they're much too big for my 2-year old son, so would it be ok if I return them with the stem? They've never been worn.
Now, the bike .... I couldn't be happier with a bike that I never saw nor rode prior to purchase. The speed and comfort of the Mariola continue to amaze. On Sunday, I used it in a local sprint triathlon, after having ridden it for only ~40 miles. In races like on Sunday with the local yokels like me my bike splits are usually in the 13-15 percentile. Last Sunday, in hilly terrain, my bike split was an unbelievable 25th out of ~400 competitors.
Granted, I had been training considerably more since my last race, but even the 40 break-in miles of the Mariola in the days before the race showed a 5+ percent time improvement on my training routes. During the race, I was passing whole droves of riders uphill, half of whom were standing up, while I stayed seated. Left 'em behind like roadkill on the flats or downhill. Couple of miles later they weren't even in sight anymore. Only 4 riders passed me, all of whom I reigned back in within less than 2 miles. They never passed again.
Some of the other guys were riding some pretty expensive hardware and were making good speed, but what matters in the end is the time, and the Mariola excelled.
The transition area was virtually empty when I got in, I had passed the two waves (older age groups) that started ahead of me. So, of course this was a local race, and I know that several of the really fast guys weren't there, but estimating rankings in previous (faster) races based on my average speed in last Sunday's race gives amazing results. I'll have the next season to prove it at the annual events. Couldn't be more motivated to train for 'em over the winter.
All this after having had the bike for less than a week makes me wonder what things will be like this time of next year.
I certainly believe the Mariola is worth every $ spent, and that actually every $ is spent on the actual bicycle, as opposed to marketing, distribution, dealer profit etc.
As long as you're in business I'll be riding Yaqui bikes.
And .... I'm happy to have bought my bike from somebody who is putting the human aspect ahead of the $$$, even though it delayed the delivery aspect of my bike (since you were building a custom bike for a girl with the physical condition out in the NorthEast for which you had to re-set more of your shop than originally estimated).
Oh, and the Trek 5200 is up for sale, already had the first few inquiries.


  September 2, 2003

It's been a while since I touched base with you. You built a custom Ocotillo Carbo frame for me this past spring.
Unfortunately I didn't get much racing in this year. I was in a bike wreck in early June and dislocated my lower back. (The bike came out of it with nothing more then a couple of scratches and some scuffed brake and shift levers). The injury prevented me from running, but I was back on the bike in a couple of weeks and logged about 1500 miles on the bike leading up to Ironman Canada.

When we first discussed the bike I told you I was looking for something for long course / IM distance racing that I could ride comfortably and would handle well on long climbs.

Well Ves, I can attest that you accomplished that!
The bike is a dream to ride and I rode a comfortable 5:56:xx bike split at IMC on my way to a 12:07:01 finish in my first IM.
Thanks again for the outstanding service.

My Ocotillo is unique and a true testament to your craftsmanship. Maybe next spring we can talk about a steel framed road bike.


  August 13, 2003

It's been several months since I took delivery of my Yaqui Carbo and have nothing but praise for the fit, finish and performance of the new machine.
I've been training/racing exclusively on it since late January 2003 (putting over 3000 miles on it in the process) for Ironman Canada. The Carbo offers absolutely the most comfortable ride and handling characteristics of any bike I've owned (TT or road).
It climbs very well, is a rocket ship on the flats and descends extremely good for having such an aggressive geometry. I simply enjoy the Yaqui so much, I don't have any desire to get back on my road bike. In fact, I haven't been on my other bike in over 7 months!!!

Paul Kinney

P.S. Ves, Thank you again for taking care of the seat stay issue. Your customer service is second to none and your speedy remedy to that issue has made me a customer for life.
I also think I owe you $ for a Syntace Stem. You sent me an alternate length and I recently noticed I never sent back the one it replaced. Sorry about that. Let me know.

Lastly, I've included a link to a news story that recently aired and thought you might like to see it (especially since your Yaqui Carbo made it on air.) Please feel free to pass the link along to anyone who might benefit from the encouragement it may provide.


  July 29, 2003

This is a little overdue...but wanted to send along a very-late "thanks" for the Mariola....
The bike is great. Snow came early last fall so I got a fair amount of miles in on the trainer before getting out on the road this spring. But that just allowed me to settle in to the fit.
The bike is very comfortable and I've taken 26 minutes off my Olympic distance event.
Many thanks, again...

Kris Gines

  July 28, 2003

Scott Bowers here, from Charlotte, NC with a Carbo you built for me in March.
I met a guy at High Rock Triathlon in Salisbury, NC, this past weekend. He must be about 7 feet tall and in the upper 200 pound range, and he was asking about my Carbo. I told him he couldn't go wrong with whatever frame you would suggest for him, but I bet him it wouldn't be with an aero downtube!
By the way, I think your bike is doing OK for me, because I had the fastest bike split in my AG! And just to prove that I didn't go too hard on the bike split, I ran a 20:53 5K through a sandy, muddy, sometimes very curvy trail course through the woods. I had the 6th fastest run. I actually could have been even faster on the bike, but I was being extra slow over the 4 speed bumps, and extra careful out on the course...after watching all those guys wreck on the Tour this past 3 weeks, I decided old bones should be protected a little more carefully.
I made the comment to a training buddy of mine that when on your bike, I don't find myself scooting forward and backward on the seat like I used to do. Oh, I will slide back just a tad when really climbing steep, or a little forward to really get up some good speed into a headwind. But, mainly, I just sit right in the middle and zip down the road at a good pace.
THAT is nailing the seat tube angle just right for me. Thanks.
No need to respond, I hope you're too busy building your great bikes! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate such a good product! Of course, you may use anything I write to you in any way you see fit.

Scott Bowers Charlotte, NC

  July 14, 2003

Hi Ves,
Thought I'd fill you in on how your bike has been doing under my guidance. A bad start in Lanzarote, I came off after touching somebody's wheel and put a dent in the top tube. Think it was the bull bar coming round that put it there but not sure. Lanzarote was great for me though put in tons of mileage and had a awfully lot of fun.
Arrived in Llanberis to meet Chester tri for a training weekend, the first ride 5 odd people asked me what a Yaqui was. We rode 60 odd miles and despite being pushed out the back of their fast group was never dropped. Eventually fought my way back into the group. The next day was a run up a mountain followed by a afternoon time trial. I heard a few times the record was 19.26 up Pen-y-Pass but made excuses about not really riding a climbing bike. I left the start second last and hammered it. At the top I felt like I had performed a exhaustion test, I didn't think anybody had beaten me and a couple of hours later found out they hadn't. 18.56!
This is from a guy who has been riding properly for less than a year!
I had put allot of work in and also just read slowman's article on how to ride a tri bike up a hill but 18.56 really pissed them off. Prize giving was cancelled!
Weymouth HIM rode a OK time but came off the bike feeling great to run the 13.2 miles 5 min quicker than I've run in a straight foot race. Nobody can say I was not comfortable.
Just back from IMA and a 5.02.41 bike split! First half of the Marathon was done in 1.40 and a finishing time of 9.47.
Not bad for a virgin.
If you think the is anything worth doing about the top tube let me know but I've had a great first year in triathlon and my Carbo certainly helped.
Love to you and Vivian,


  July 22, 2003

I just bought an off the shelf frame and fork from Supergo last week and finally got to ride it Sunday.
It is one of the best riding best handling bikes that I have ever ridden. I just switched from a Softride to the Ocotillo and I am more comfortable than I was on the Softride.
I have ridden everything from conventional geometry road frames to steep angled tri frames and this bike rocks.

Mike Hollinger

  June 08, 2003

Howdy Ves,
I purchased one of your bikes in December of 2000 and received it in January of 2001.
I just wanted to say that it's the best bike I have ridden.
This year I am doing a 8 person RAAM team and I will be riding the Mariola Yaqui I purchased from you in 2001.
Thanks for the fantastic bike!

Richard Daggett
Insight RAAM Team

  April 4, 2003

This is Paul Lancaster III (the one who rides, not the father).
I would like to sincerely thank you for all of your help the last couple weeks. The sacrifice you made to put my bike at a priority is really incredible and amazing. You did a great job on the geometry and sizing, it fits perfectly. We recieved it today without a fault on it.
We were able to get it assembled quickly and easily and got it to work the first time, you did a great job putting the components on. I was able to ride it today and it was amazing. the nimbleness, the agility, the lightness, the responsiveness, and of course the beautiful sunset orange all added up to an incredibly fast, comfortable, and enjoyable bike.
You can be sure that whenever someone asks me about a good bike that I will tell them YAQUI right off with no hesitation.

Once again thanks a billion, you and your company is truly one of a kind.

Paul Lancaster

March 21, 2003

this is the best bike I've ever ridden.
It is PLANTED in the corners.
I never thought I'd say that about a triathlon bike! Usually, the handling is OK for time trial positions and the rest is a trade-off...not so with the Carbo.
I rode it on alligator pavement, ran over a manhole cover that I couldn't avoid, uphill, downhill, flats, it's all very good! The Syntace front end is really good for this bike, I think a Profile carbon stryke or something similar wouldn't give the rock solid feel that the Syntace gives.
I hope I give my new Carbo some good power tomorrow, I know it can take whatever I put to the cranks. I feel a little blah today...but, I always feel that way on a week that I've tapered for a race. Tomorrow will tell.
Thanks again!
Scott Bowers.

March 22, 2003

The bike did fantastic on the race today.
Last year, I did a 1:11:09 on this same course. Today, I did a 1:00:39. I don't know my exact splits, but, I can tell you I didn't go this much faster because of my swim split! I have been riding on PowerCranks the past 3 months, and my run is definitely improved due to the PowerCranks. My bike training speeds haven't been faster than last year, so I think most of my bike split increase can be attributed to the Carbo.
I'll let you know what the difference in bike split was when I get it.
I can't believe how well the Carbo handled on the rough sections of the course, and weaving down a chicane of cones at over 35 mph staying in the aerobars the entire time was a benefit not everyone could enjoy.
The bike felt rock solid the whole time, very responsive when the power was put to the cranks, yet not harsh at all on any bump I hit. This better handling definitely contributed to my better bike split.
I have a Time Trial on April 8th...I'll see how it does on the flats then!
Thanks for a great bike!

Scott Bowers

  March 1, 2003

I shipped out the color book yesterday via Fed Ex. You should get it by Tuesday.

The bike arrived yesterday. It's beautiful. I put it together this morning (thanks for doing all the hard work on the assembly) and took it out for a couple of hours this afternoon.
Wow. It's fabulous. It seems to fit just right; I'll fine tune it on the computrainer this week.

The Carnacs fit perfectly. It took me about five minutes to adapt to the speedplays, but I love them.

The workmanship on the bike is beautiful. I love the sunset pearl.

I can't thank you enough for building it for me.
I'll send you some pictures one of these days.
Talk to you soon.

Grant Richards

  February 24, 2003

Hi Ves,
Many thanks. You have built me a bike that looks and feels great. Buying the bike has been a education and a pleasure.
The most unique part of your company is that we get to talk and e-mail with you; the designer and builder. It clearly provides a level of service and knowledge not available elsewhere. A $4,000 bike is not a purchase to be made often or easily, but I am really happy with my decision.
All the best to you and Vivian,

Michael Hanreck

October 17, 2002


I do have a question...but first, I must say that I am really enjoying the new Carbo. I can't even think about riding my old bike again!!! I have a 1/2 Ironman coming up this Saturday, so I'm having a hard time balancing between doing a proper taper and trying to stay off this bike, or at least ride it conservatively cause it just wants to fly!!! I got it together last week and took it for a 45 mile test route on Sunday. On my old bike, I usually average close to 20 mph on this route. On the Carbo, I was averaging around 23 easily!!! I ran a few miles after getting off the bike and felt great. Later after the ride, I noticed that I did not have the bike setup even close to the numbers you gave me. The seat was way too low and too far back. So now I'm trying to perfect (or at least come close to perfecting) the bike setup before my race.

Question: The bike setup numbers you gave to me along with the frame geometry accounted for a 13.5cm stem and small clip-ons. The stem that I have now is 12cm with medium clip-ons. Will the bike setup numbers remain the same or did they change? The ends of the medium clip-ons did seem like a reach at times on Sunday, but I need to ride the bike more with a better setup before I can come to any real conclusions on whether I need the original stem/clipons or not. I've never ridden with clip-ons before, so I know that my body will need some time to adjustment for that. My neck muscles were sore the day after my ride, but I'm sure that's due to looking up a lot from the aero position. thanks,


October 23, 2002

Thanks for getting back with me. I truly appreciate your support. Based on what you say, I think the clip-ons are fine. The pads are exactly around 2/3 to 3/4 toward my elbow. And I am definitely not crimped on the bike. It is possible I might could use a slightly smaller stem...but I am still tinkering with the I will let you know how it goes. Currently I have the seatpost raised to 1/2 inch under your suggested setup and the seat nose is exactly over the center of the bottom bracket. I think I might like the seat forward just a tad that's why I say I might need a shorter stem. At any rate, I will let you know how it goes as I get to ride it more the next couple of weeks. Whatever the case, the bike is fast no matter what the setup I've put it at thus far...I'm just trying to perfect the comfort zone.

To change the subject...I rode the bike this past Saturday in the Great Floridian 1/2 Iron-distance race. The bike was awesome, Ves. It rode great!!! I was flying and my bike split was a lot better than I had anticipated. And as an added bonus, the position on the bike didn't leave my legs feeling "dead" going into the run. I am amazed at how the new bike has made so much difference with this transition. My legs felt great and I was pulling sub-7 minute miles for the first 2 miles with ease!!! So now, not only is my bike split faster...but so is my run!!! In the end, the only discomfort I had was with my butt area being a little sore from getting adjusted to the new saddle and my neck getting use to riding in the aero position (I just try to look up and around way too much!!!). But Saturday was only the second time I have taken the bike out for over a 10 mile ride, so I am still in the adjustment & adjusting phase. One thing is for sure...with my old bike, I use to experience numbness in my pelvic region at some time during every ride. I'm very glad to say that, to date, that has disappeared with your new bike!!!

You'll also be happy to know the bike received several wonderful comments at the race!!! One guy use to live in the San Diego area and has bought one of your bikes before (the Aerolite I think ???) from SuperGo. He also mentioned that you have some awesome looking T-shirts. I'd be more than happy to purchase one from you if you still make them.

Lastly, you most certainly can use the top part of my last email and my email address on your Customer Comments page...and might I add that your combination of professionalism, personal attention, and personal concern is a rare and very welcomed attribute that I wish more people would have. From the numerous emails and phone calls I've had with you, I have learned that you are not concerned with "just selling a bike". You are concerned about a customer having the BEST bike that fits their needs in all aspects...physical, financial, etc. You don't put just "any" accessory on the bike either. You use forks, handlebars, and such that you yourself have used and know will work. Another thing I really liked is that you didn't pressure me to buy anything. You offer great advice and are willing to build a great bicycle and the rest is up to the customer. You actually talked me out of spending more money!!! And the pride you take in your work is definitely a sign that you won't send anything sub-par out the door. I thank you and your wife for the wonderful service and -- of course -- a wonderful bike;)



  September 24, 2002

I would just like to tell you how impressed I am with my Carbo.
A big problem I had was after riding 40-50 miles on my Trek 5200 my left leg would start falling asleep. I would have to sit up for a while and it would go away. You suggested that the problem was not the saddle but the geometry of the bike. Well you were right. Since I have started riding my Carbo I have not had any problems. The biggest problem I have with the bike is trying to ride it slow. It feels so light and easy I find myself turning training rides into time trials.
The custom geometry fits like a glove and the sunset color is beautiful. I have had many complements on its uniqueness.
Your service impeccable, you have always exceeded my expectations. When I thought my aero bars were too short you promptly sent me a new set, shifters installed, wrapped, and taped. The only thing I had to do was route and cut the cable. When I could not get the shifting just right, you spent 15 minutes on the phone with me until I got it right.
The only remorse I have is not buying it sooner. If anyone is thinking about buying a bike from you they should do it. They will never regret their decision.
Talk to you soon,


  September 15, 2002

Hi Ves,
I know Donna sent you a note, but I really wanted to thank you as well.
What a beautiful bike. I am now very jealous of her. I've spent the last two nights messing around with it in the garage. Can't get enough. Donna will probably hate me in a month.
I'm going to be pestering her making sure she keeps it spotless after each ride. You really did a nice job.
Also wanted to thank you for the extra chain and the shirts....
By the way, I saw a QR PR Compact the other day with Donna and it doesn't even come close.
Thanks again.


  August 19, 2002

The Yaqui Carbo is a fine machine that fits me like a glove.
It truly is an extention of your own body, when the fit is fined tuned. The 700 wheel size is the way to go. I feel very centered/grounded on this bike.
As you know I owned two top of the line QR bikes, the Carbo is different, it is lighter, faster and a smother ride. People in Central Florida are asking about this bike.
Thanks for, to you and your wife, efforts to put me on a bike like this.


  August 10, 2002

Got the bike! It looks great. Set it up and took it for a spin that night. Man is that thing fast and light. You nailed the fit because it feels comfortable and powerful right away. I was anticipating an adjustment period and thought I might have to use the Litespeed for the race but I'm definately using the Carbo. I might just be able to nail down the top bike split on Sunday. The 12cm stem is perfect.
Want me to mail back the 10.5 stem, I don't need it.
Also thanks for the t-shirt, extra tires and tubes. It's been fun working with you on this bike, your personal touch is rare these days. Feel free to use me as a reference. I'm going to have to ride hard to be worthy of the bike.

  July 27, 2002

I've gotten a couple long rides now on my bike. It is brilliant!!!! Thank you very much for your attention and help getting it last week. It rides beautifully and fits perfect. I've already gotten many compliments from the local riders on the look and the workmanship!
Remember if you ever get up this way you have a place to stay and I'll show you around the F/A-18's here! Thanks again very much!!!

Dusty Rhodes

  June 16, 2002

OK, it’s been 3 months since I got my bike via UPS and a couple of months since I met you while I was in California for Cali Lite so I am long overdue on providing feedback. First of all - aesthetics. My daughter helped me unpack and set up the bike –“Cool bike, Dad” is high praise from a teenager who thinks anything associated with her parents is extremely uncool. The craftsmanship, finish, and custom paint job (midnight blue - looks black indoors and dark metal flake blue under sunlight) are superb.
My new bike was the object of much attention the first time I stopped by my LBS - many an admiring glance and comment, including the proprietor of said LBS who asked for a test ride despite the fact that I had decided to go with a custom built frame from you instead of one of his bikes.
Like many of your prospective customers I spent a lot of time shopping for my first tri-bike. After years riding standard road geometry I had decided to make the plunge and after much deliberation and angst over dropping a few thousand bucks on something I had never touched, let alone ridden, I gave your shop a call. My first indication that I was on the right track was when you answered the phone yourself. The second thing that told me I was on the right track was when you recommended I go with your Ocotillo (non-aero) non-aero based on my size, riding style, and the topography of the area I live in. Wow, I thought - Ves is actually recommending a frame 200 bucks cheaper than I was planning to buy because he thinks it will be better for me.
Well - you were right on the mark. Now that I have put about 1000 miles on the bike I can vouch for the fact that the round tubing on my Ocotillo provides an incredibly stiff platform when I am out of the saddle applying all 190 lbs cranking up the hills here in the pacific northwest. I guess the fact that my 61 cm frame bike weighs in at just under 17 lbs doesn’t hurt my climbing any either. BTW anybody who thinks that tri-bikes are poor climbers and fidgety descenders has never ridden one of your bikes. My Ocotillo rides like a dream. The scandium aluminum frame paired with the Ouzo Pro carbon fork actually provides a smoother ride than my vintage Reynolds 531 road bike. Your recommendation to go with dura-ace cranks as an upgrade to my ultegra package was right on the money also. Anybody out there considering a Yaqui who is on the fence - all I have to say is you can’t go wrong dealing with Ves. This guy is the premier tri-geometry frame builder in the world. He builds bikes because that is his passion and he hand builds every frame that comes out of his shop, stock or custom.
When I was in the North County area he took the time to replace my stem and recut the associated brake and shifter cables free of charge even though I am sure the problem was I had provided less than exact measurements. Ves will build you a bike that fits you like a glove, recommend the exact right setup based on your riding style, abilities, and type of riding and do it all at a very reasonable price.
Thanks for a great bike and a great bike buying experience Ves!

  February 5, 2002

Hi Ves,
I just wanted to let you know that I received the bike this past thursday. I have to say it is beautiful.
At first, I didn't think there was anything in the box because it was too light - good news! Then, after I opened it and put the bike together I didn't know whether I ought to ride it or just hang it over the fireplace. I thought about what I'd do if it ever got a scratch on it.
Anyhow, since then I have put about 8 hours in the saddle and this bike is everything I had hoped for. It accelerates like a rocket, rides as comfortable as my Kestrel, handles the turns and Florida hills like a dream.
Speaking of Kestrel, I never realized what a slug my KM40 was compared to this frame. To think I have been penalizing myself these past years.
Anyhow, I wanted to thank you for a great job. Also, I appreciated the extras you threw in.
Good luck with everything.
I will be sure to spread the word around here in Florida.


  February 1, 2002

I did a significant amount of research into buying a tri frame. I knew upfront I was probably going to need a custom frame.
I heard about Ves from the web page. After doing more research I realized he was the premier custom tri frame builder. I visited his shop near San Diego in July.
We talked about bikes for probably two hours. He took all the necessary measurements to determine the geometry that would best fit me. As it turned out I did need a custom frame, Mariola. We also decided to go with the steep seat tube, 78 degrees. I got a mixture of Ultegra and Dura-ace components, getting Dura-ace where it was most important, cranks and brakes. Also got Syntace handlebars, Stratos, and aero bars C2. Ves customized the aero bars by cutting off several centimeters at the end to make them more comfortable.
I also received a custom color for no extra charge, because I bought a custom frame.
I received the bike about two weeks later. It looked like a piece of art. Excellent welds, beautiful paint job and graphics. I immediately did an 80-mile ride. The bike was very responsive on hills and very fast and comfortable on the flats.
After doing a couple of triathlons and lots of training rides I realized that I probably needed to shorten my stem. I just emailed Ves and he sent me a shorter stem and I sent him the old stem. No extra charge. Other than the stem the bike has been perfect.
My overall impression with Ves is very positive. He is an excellent frame builder and has the experience to design and build a frame that fits and is comfortable. The attention he gave me and the knowledge of bikes he shared with me is something that you don't get very often.
The price of the bike was no more and probably less than if I had bought it from one of the name tri bike shops.
I received the bike on time and the customer service is outstanding.
I would strongly recommend Ves to anyone who wants an excellent frame at a reasonable price.

Robert Matzner

  January 30, 2002

Again I want to thank you for your outstanding service and expertise in fitting me with my new Mariola.
I was very uneasy about buying a bike sight un-seen off the Internet but you made the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as buying at my LBS.
The week I got my bike I took it to my tri-club bike fit clinic and the fit techs couldn't believe how accurate your drawing was, (the only adjustment was lowering the seat approx 2 cm). My haste putting the bike together to beat the fleeting hours of daylight was responsible.
I haven't had a chance to race on it but as responsive as it feels during training I'm looking forward to a great year.
Again thank you and if I ever get out to CA I'm going to take you up on the invitation to tour your plant.
PS: Limit the sales in the Midwest I don't need the competition riding rockets too!!

Kraig Kirby

  January 28, 2002

I was in the market for a new tribike, had researched the market to death before deciding on the Mariola. I was a little nervous about ordering a bike I had never seen before, but the review at, the competitive pricing, the uniqueness of the bike, not too many Yaquis in Rhode Island, won me over.
The Mariola is truly a work of art. The fit, finish are superb, details like the tapered top tube really set the bike apart from the competition.
After sales support was top notch too. You shipped a longer seat post the day I called.
I brought the Mariola to a shop that works with many of the pro teams for a fitting. He was very impressed with the geometry, said: this guy really know how to build a bike.
Finally, the ride is wonderful. My road bike is carbon, I was a little apprehensive that the aluminum would feel too harsh, but that was not the case. The ride was as comfortable as my carbon frame.

Matt Boliver

  January 23, 2002

I am more than happy with my new Mariola frame and have recommended it to many of my friends. I think you have put a lot of value into a reasonably priced frame here.
With my road racing background the 76 degree seat angle and 700c wheels ride great. I feel powerful and aero at the same time.
I can't believe you fit the bike to me so well without even seeing me ride. Your years of experience really show through in the geometry and workmanship.
The mariola beats my old litespeed tachyon any day.
Keep up the good work.
I look forward to really putting the bike to thetest at St.Croix this spring and Ironman Wisconsin in the fall.

Kyle Handley Madison WI

  January 19, 2002

I love the bike. It's fast! My first race on the bike was a faster avg mph than any of my previous races. In fact , every race was faster than the last as I got used to the bike.
Did I mention I LOVE THE BIKE? So does everyone who sees it. I chose the Mariola frame with midnite blue finish, a custom color , and I get comments every time I ride. I'm very pleased with every aspect of the bike.
Before choosing Yaqui I rode no less than 6 bikes, including Cervelo, C'dale, Trek, and a couple of compact geometry frames.
I'm very pleased with the Mariola and I'm satisfied that I bought the right bike.

Eric Baul

  January 16, 2002

Hi Ves
Greetings again from England.
I've had my Mariola just over a year now and can honestly say I've never enjoyed riding a bike so much. I was previously riding a conventional steel bike and my first rides on the Mariola were during very long rides as part of a Tri training camp in Lanzarote and I found the new bike not only blindingly fast but loads more comfortable than my steel bike.
It also looks the business, you don't see many of them around, especially over here, however I no longer have any excuses for a poor ride.
The Mariola is simply more than everything I could ever have wished for in a race bike, my money was very well spent.
Kind regards,

Si Burgess

P.S. Ves is there any chance of some red touch up paint as my chain committed suicide all over the chain stay?
  January 8, 2002

Sorry for delay in replying, I've been busy and haven't gotten to my email.
Bike is everything and more than I had hoped. It rides very smooth, like riding on glass-no bumps, no vibrations. Shifts instantly, great acceleration, and handles very smoothly. Great Fit!

Also, the clip-ons are just right; the small size is ideal as the pads line up about mid-forearm. I was wiping it down and noticed how the tubes narrowed as they left the Headtube and the seat tube. Very Nice!
Bike is a real eye catcher with the red paint and Indian Pics.
I will be starting Duathlon and Triathlon season in April. I'm sure you will be receiving inquiries from around Louisiana after people get a look at the Bike.
I'll be in touch.
Hope you have a great 2002!


  September 20, 2001

Just wanted to drop you an e-mail to say thanks for building such a superb bike. I have had my Yaqui for about a year and couldn't be happier. I also bought my wife an Aerolite. Below is a post that I posted on the trinewbies bulletin board ( about my Yaqui Manzanita:
Well, I have had my Yaqui Manzanita tri bike for about a year now. I have put many hundreds of miles on it. It took a couple of months for me to tweak the fitting but it is just about perfect now. I can sit in the aerobars for hours with no comfort issues at all. Here is what I like best about the bike:

 1. Price, I paid 1300 bucks for an ultegra equipped tri bike. Quintana Roo couldn't touch that deal.
2. Quality, you know when you are riding a well designed tri bike. It tracks well (handling is not squirley like you might expect with a tri bike) and it climbs really well. Actually I can get out of the saddle and still shift with one hand (bar end shifters) while holding onto the bars with the other hand. It feels really stable in a climb. I have gotten it up to 46 mph on a descent with no problems.
3. Geometry, there is a notable difference in the geometry between my Yaqui and my road bike. I feel my hamstrings and gluteus much more on my road bike. De-emphasizing these muscle groups on the tri bike is a big plus when you have to run after biking. This bike was designed by a knowledgeable frame builder.
4. Looks, damn I like the fire engine red paint and excellent graphics. Besides, I have yet to show up at a triathlon and see another Yaqui. It is nice to be different.
The Manzinita does not have aero tubing. However, I seriously doubt that aero tubing really makes a significant difference. I know that wind tunnel tests have shown that aero tubes produce less drag. However, the bike tubing is behind the front wheel and is exposed to rough air and not smooth air like in the wind tunnel tests. Also, the biggest aerodynamic drag factor is the person on the bike and their riding position and not the bike tubes. I would prefer the round tubing of the Manzanita to the aero tubing of the Yaqui Mariola or Aerolite. Besides, the round tubing is lighter and gives a better ride quality. The frames are made by Ves Mandaric. He was the primary frame builder for Quintana Roo before the company was sold to Litespeed. He is supposedly the guy who invented the tri bike. There is more to designing a tri bike than steep tube geometry. This guy builds them right. I am completely satisfied with my bike and will be riding it 20 years from now (or longer). You can find Yaqui bikes at or at Give Ves a call, sometimes he has unbelievable close out deals on bikes. Let me know if you have any questions.

PS. I should point out that Ves builds every bike by hand himself. If you have a Yaqui you can be sure that Ves spent several days building your bike. His name is on every bike so he is very concerned about putting out a quality product. This is not a mass produced product.
Mike Prevost
  June 16, 2001

Greetings Ves,
First I want to thank you for a very fast bike.

I've finally been able to ride it longer than the 15 min to and from work. On my regular loop I average 14.6 mph (w stoplites etc), i did it in 17.1! This morning I did a course with no stops, my average old was 16.2; today I averaged 17.9!
On the one hand I'm thankful I finally splurged and got a good and fast bike, on the other hand I kick my self for not doing this earlier!
I've been racing tris for about 11 years. Anyhow, when I picked up the bike you mentioned I might go with a shorter stem, I think I will need this as I am more comfortable and breath better when I move my arms back. should I send in my current one (105mm)?


November 30 2001

Hi Ves,
I purchased a Mariola from you earlier this year. (I was the guy who had to wait a few weeks for the new Reynolds fork to come in).

First, let me say I love the bike, I consider it the best purchase I've ever made regarding sport. I'm faster, more comfortable, more in control, more confident & I'd be happy to talk to anyone who's considering buying an Yaqui (so you can give my info).
Anyhow, I purchased the whole bike with 76 degree frame in 55 cm. It came with a Thompson seat post that is bent rearward (as opposed to straight). Here's my question: what's my real seat angle since the seat post is bent? I imagine it's less than 76. Can you give me an estimate?

Troy Wong
  May 28, 2001

I'm in the market for a tri frame and am quite impressed with your bikes, particularly the Mariola. I am an IM Hawaii qualifier, having gone 10:38 at California a week ago(45-49 male age group). This will be my 3rd Hawaii Ironman and 6th IM overall(9:50 PR). I have ridden a variety of bikes over the years. In the last three IM's I rode a Klein Quantum Pro with C-2 Syntace clip ons (except Hawaii last year where I went with aero shifting). This is sort of a roadie style position, all I did was scoot my saddle ahead a little. I'm 6' tall and a bit "leggy" so I like 700c wheels. I think with my femur length 78 degrees is a bit too steep for atri bike setup, but I might benefit from a bit steeper than my current set up.I found that I preferred a more traditional road position in the last few IM races because of the hilly nature of them( IM Lake Placid, IM California). I do intend to race some shorter stuff as well mind you. I am a "spinner' and a pretty good climber if I had to characterize my riding style. Yet, I do not generate a ton of wattage (must be the runner in me), hence my bike times always seem to be a bit lacking relative to my swim or especially my run. A few years ago I owned a Zipp 2001 frameset, pretty tricked out, and very aero, but frankly, I did not find it to be very versatile, especially on anything hilly or technical. But, I do miss the extremely aero "slippery" feel it had. With this in mind I'm looking at a Mariola with an Ouzo Pro fork. Other bikes that catch my eye and the possible reasons for elimination are the Griffen Vulcan (expensive, and does that tube shape seem a bit too radical?), the Aegis trident (pretty but stiff enough?), Cervelo P2K (extruded tubes? hmmm., plus everyone has one) and a couple others. Any thoughts about yours and the above would be appreciated. Sizing is clearly an issue for me. I ride a 59 cm Klein and I believe it fits me well. Your thoughts,

John Coffey

and this is the result

July 7, 2001
just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how I'm doing on the Mariola. In a word, Great! I love the ride, and have put the bike through a few good tests, i.e.. hills, flats, turns etc. All riding on this bike is wonderful. I'm quite impressed with how the bike climbs, something I had not fully expected. The theory is a steep seat angle might not be a goodclimberbut I am not finding this to be true on your frame. I am riding the Spinergy X aero wheels, which is incredibly smooth. The PBO spokes dampen alot of road shock.
Take care,


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