We supply forks from the two leading composite fork manufacturers: REYNOLDS Composites and PROFILE Design. All the forks that we supply come with 1" or 1-1/8" Threadless columns.

REYNOLDS forks are made by our neighbors in Vista CA. Years of Composite Engineering experience and hours spent on bike rides on the hilly roads of Southern California resulted in their meticulous products.

The most advanced Aero fork on the market. Nobody has ever composed Strength, Lightweight and Aerosahape better then Reynolds engineers. Full Carbon fork sports deep 50mm blades, making this one the second most Aero shaped fork ever made (the first was Lotus). Available in 650C and 700C and 40mm rake.
was made as a Road fork. Proven performances and more Aero shaped than many so called "Low Profile" forks, made this fork demanded by many Triathletes.
Full carbon fork only 360gr for 700C. Available in 650C and 700C and 40, 43,45 or 50mm rake.

PROFILE Design, as the name said, are long time leader in innovation and design of top quality and yet affordable products.

is Carbon and Al composition, having 40mm deep straight legs. Available in 650C and 700C wheel sizes and with 40 or 43mm fork rake. For many years favorite Tri fork with very affordable price.