LOOK Ma' NO Welds!!!!....
This is a sample of the Braze-ons or cable stops (what ever you like to call them) that you'll find on our frames. Thanks to the special materials and the procedure we are using, our Braze-ons are really brazed - NOT welded, onto the frame. This part of the work is done by highly experienced brazing professionals. No mistake is allowed in this procedure.

Spec 1All our aluminum frames have brazed-on derailleur cable stops on the bottom of the down tube, regardless of the tube shape. Stops are threaded for easy installation of STI or Ergo cable tension adjusters.
Spec 2Almost invisible joint line between brazed piece and the tube
Spec 3Thanks to the light and shades on this photo you can actually distinguish the piece from the down tube.
Rear brake cable guideSpec 4
Rear brake cable stop-front one. So fine and smooth joint line, you may think we touchedup the picture. Weeeell, we didn't! But don't take just our word for it-get a frame and see for yourself.
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Spec 5Meticulous work on the rear derailleur cable stop. Clean lines and strong braze hold this piece away from your heels at the bottom of the right Chain Stay.